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The following stories relating to different aspects and episodes of Muddle family history, either expand on, or give more of an overview, of the families' history than that recorded in the main family narratives, which are based on documenting the history of each individual of the family.

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Stories relating to the Buxted Muddles


Three Elizabethan Horse Thieves

The story of the earliest confirmed member of the Buxted Muddles, John Muddle of Rotherfield, who was accused of horse theft in 1852. The result of his trial would not only determine if he would hang, but as it was five years before he married and had children, whether the whole Buxted Muddle Family would even come into being.


The Clockmakers of Rotherfield

The story of the three clockmaking families of Muddle, Dadswell and Hoadley that originated in Rotherfield. Detailing their family connections and also their links through their common occupation as clockmakers. Together with how they moved out to other parts of Sussex and Kent during the 18th century. Also the unrelated Rotherfield clockmaker William Damper.


Joseph Muddle – A Dickensian Wicked Uncle?

The story of the Muddle family’s land in the village of High Hurstwood from the late 17th century, and how it was finally lost, after several generations of ownership, in a complicated series of transactions that seem to implicate Joseph Muddle in attempting to cheat his two young nephews out of their rightful inheritance in the mid 19th century.


John Muddle's family – Death, Inheritance

& Three Generations Serving their Country

This story is a continuation of the above story about Joseph Muddle, but from the perspective of one of his nephews, John Muddle. It describes John's boyhood life at High Hurstwood, his service in the British Army in India, and his later life in Uckfield. It then goes on to detail the service in Britain's armed forces of his sons and grandsons.


Bounty Migrants – Australia Bound

The story of Isaac Muddle of High Hurstwood who, with his second wife and children, migrated to Australia in 1838. They settled in the recently opened up country in northern New South Wales and after early hardships prospered enough to form the largest family of Muddles in Australia, which after 150 years, rivaled, at least in numbers, the Muddles they had left behind in England.


October Inferno

The story of the involvement of Ernest and Maud Moddle’s family in one of Canada’s worst natural disasters, the forest fire, known as the Haileybury fire, that swept over about 2000 square miles of Ontario on 4 October 1922.


Stories relating to the Framfield Muddles


Lois Muddle, née Wren, in 19th Century Uckfield

The story of Lois Muddle, née Wren's life and her relatives in the rapidly changing Uckfield of the second half of the 19th century. Lois lived all her 45 years in Uckfield; she was born in 1853, married Joseph Muddle in 1876, had nine children, and died in 1898. She witnessed many changes during her relatively short life including the major one of the arrival of the railway.


Stories relating to Other Muddles


Edward Muddle - A Sailor who Served at Trafalgar

The story of the naval service of Edward Muddle who was serving on HMS Leviathan at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. It has not been possible to place Edward in one of the Muddle families as his origins are unknown.


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